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The best way to control your plant

In the beginning, production is the reason why factory plants do exist. Controlled by a supervisor raw materials are formed and treated by all kinds machines and apparatus to make the desired products. Key-element in the control of a process is the interfacing of the machines and apparatus with the supervising level.

In the early years of the PLC, PLC-cabinets with many terminal blocks were common. One disadvantage of the centralized cabinets came clear, to connect every sensor and actuator in the field to the central control PLC, many cables of great lengths were needed.

Remote-I/O With the development of fieldbusses also came Remote-I/O. The terminal blocks now could be placed closer to the sensors and actuators in the field. This drastically reduced the length of the connection cables. But, with an even slightly increasing number of cables, there are no savings on installation time.

With Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation, a flood of data is available in the production. But as of today, 90% of this data is not used.

Sitomatic engineers are following closely the trends within this transformation and are working on solution to store more data and making it available for our customers in an easy way.

In the current situation you have maintenance on prediction and failure in your plant due to equipment that is replaced too late.

The big advantage with 4.0 will be: That more & more "the equipment" is telling you their status and the need for maintenance.

In our new developments we try to implement these possibilities as much as possible.

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